Sometimes our brains can tell us mean things about ourselves, like “I’m not good enough” or “I can’t do this.” This is called negative self-talk, and it can make us feel bad about ourselves. But it’s important to remember that we can choose to ignore these thoughts and instead think about things in a more positive way.

One way to ignore negative self-talk is to just notice it and then let it go. When you catch yourself thinking something mean about yourself, try saying to yourself, “I see that I’m having a negative thought right now, but I’m going to move on and think about something else.” This can help stop the cycle of negative thinking and give you a chance to focus on something better.

Another thing you can try is being mindful and paying attention to the present moment. Sometimes when we have negative self-talk, it’s because we’re thinking about the past or worrying about the future. By paying attention to what’s happening around you and using your senses, you can stay grounded in the present and let go of negative thoughts.

You can also try questioning the negative self-talk and thinking about whether it’s really true. Sometimes our negative thoughts are based on incorrect or incomplete information. By asking yourself questions like “Is this really true?” or “What evidence do I have to support this thought?”, you can start to see the negative self-talk for what it is and let it go.

Finally, it’s important to be kind to yourself and show yourself compassion. When we’re struggling with negative self-talk, it can be easy to be really hard on ourselves and make things worse. Instead, try to be understanding and gentle with yourself, and remember that everyone makes mistakes and has bad days.

By acknowledging and letting go of negative self-talk, being mindful, questioning negative thoughts, and being kind to ourselves, we can break the cycle of negative thinking and feel better about ourselves.