Helping your tween master essential mindset skills for a thriving, happy life. Based off the award winning book, Skip the Bad Songs.

Helping your tween master essential mindset skills for a thriving, happy life. Based off the award winning book, Skip the Bad Songs.

I’ll teach your tween how to focus on feeling good about themselves.

Enroll in Skip the Bad Songs Club, an online course where your tween will learn to cope with self-esteem struggles and gain confidence for life’s pivotal moments.

  • Your tween will learn how to change the way they see themselves, so they won’t feel anxious about going to school or their activities.

  • Your tween will learn new strategies for processing their emotions, reducing unnecessary emotional stress and anxiety.

  • This course will help your perfectionist tween become more open to accepting themselves and realizing it’s okay to make mistakes.

8 weekly quests that improve your tweens mindset an boost confidence

What your tween be learning:

Quest 1

Your tween will get to practice their communication skills by doing an interview. This will make talking to others at school less stressful.

Quest 2

Your tween will learn that it’s okay to make mistakes. This challenge will encourage them to be comfortable with trying new things, knowing it’s ok to mess up.

Quest 3

Your tween will pledge for a week, avoiding gossip about friends, frenemies, and themselves, fostering awareness and building a foundation of respect and acceptance.

Quest 4

Your tween will spread kindness around, creating a positive ripple effect in the community. This quest will give them a sense of purpose, boost their mood, and help them grow empathy and compassion

Quest 5

Your tween will learn about three types of negative thinking, then they’ll switch it up by rewriting their own negative thoughts. This helps them skip the negativity and swap it out for some good feeling thoughts.

Quest 6

Your tween will learn the art of setting SMART goals to achieve their aspirations and learn how to plan and track the steps needed to reach their goal.

Quest 7

Your tween will create a self-care plan, identifying activities for happiness and relaxation that they can use whenever they feel stressed or anxious.

Quest 8

Your tween will make a personalized zine, filled with intentions & reminders of their worth. They can look back on it to remind themselves of their uniqeness.

How it works

Once Enrolled: Your tween will get an invite to a private app where they will create a profile.

Video Lessons: Throughout each week, short 2 minute videos will be posted on the app for your tween to watch.

Downloadable Worksheets: Some lessons include worksheets designed to deepen their understanding of key concepts, encouraging them to reflect and write down their ideas.

Biweekly Zoom Calls: Leave behind the mundane Zoom experiences of the Covid era! Our lively, interactive sessions involve activities and challenges in small groups, ensuring a fun and dynamic experience for your tween.

Daily Challenges and Friendships: Every day, your tween will receive a challenge or prompt to complete and share with the group through messages on the app, fostering connections and friendships.

Enroll Now. Program Starts June 3rd








Skip the Bad Songs book helps youth who are struggling with the complexities of adolescence. 

It’s lessons are like a beacon of light in a sometimes turbulent sea of emotions. I can’t recommend it enough!


 — Stacey Curnow, Family Counselor


Contact: Jen Landis