Lesson 1: You Are a Big Deal

  • IMPORTANT! Be sure everyone takes the survey! QR code and URL to survey are in workbook.
  • Can they use their phones to go around the firewall?
  • Divide the class into groups of 2, the less the two know each other the better.
  • Have them interview each other, the interview questions are in workbook. Students should take notes during the interview.
  • After the interview, each student will write an introduction for their partner.
  • When everyone is done, each person will read the introduction they wrote about their partner.
  • Weekly Challenge: Introduce yourself to people, tell them something unique about yourself.

Feel free to text me at 402-730-6746 if you have any questions.

Lesson 2: Mistakes Are Magic

Blind Contour Drawings 

  • Students pick partners. Students draw them without looking at their paper or lifting up their sharpie.
  • Have them do this a couple times.
  • Discussion: What can you learn from this activity?


  • Incorrect Trivia
  • Students pick a leader. Leader asks the questions on page 10.
  • The rest try and come up with the most clever, incorrect answer.
  • Leader chooses a winner after each question. Switch leaders every so often.
  • Discussion:
    1. How did it feel to be incorrect on purpose?
    2. How did the experience of trying, even when unsure, contribute to the overall enjoyment of the game?
    3. How did embracing mistakes in this game influence your perspective on taking risks in other areas of your life?


Weekly Challenge: Set mini mistake goals.

Have students set a goal for how many times they can make a mistake during an activity they enjoy. For example, if they are on a sports team, they can set a goal to take a certain number of shots, even if they’re not sure if they will make them.

Feel free to text me at 402-730-6746 if you have any questions.